Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Say the Word and I'm Gone

Man, it's been a week since my last update. Not much out of the ordinary going on. I did an orientation today for daycare for the kids. It's just for hourly care if and when I need it. I asked about preschool for Anberlin since she's at that age. Wow. I didn't realize there was a "tuition" for preschool! For 5 days a week, it's $140 a month. I'm still waiting to get her in to see a developmental analyst, so I'm going to hold off on enrolling her in that.

Sebastian's surgery scar is pretty much healed. He had his stitch taken out on Friday and he screamed bloody murder. The scar is really nice and straight and flat. I wish my C-Section scar looked like that!!! GEEZE.

Here is some scrap goodness.
The new challenge over at ScrapMojo is a "trash" to treasures (add staples too) type of thing! I used drink umbrellas that I had in a memory box, a tangerine bag, and a beaded coaster. LOL. I know, a coaster? Well it was a gift from a long time ago and I've never used them. So, don't be fooled by seeing me in a bikini in this pic. I won't be caught dead in one in public (this is my parent's backyard). Pregnancy was not so nice on my stomach and thighs. Anyways, on this particular day I was sporting a dollar spot hat and I felt, well, fab! I was able to spend the day in the backyard, poolside with the kids, and didn't have to feel self-consciouse in my bikini. Moments like that are great. Our guest designer is Rachel Denbow!! How friggen great is that?!! Check us out! http://scrapmojo.blogspot.com

LO for the Scrapping the Music challenge blog. This week's song is "Blessed" by Martina McBride. I know I know, country isn't exactly my cup of tea musically, but the lyrics are beautiful. :) A pretty simple layout...simple is good sometimes, you know? And I just noticed the date on the LO is wrong...the photos were taken in 2006! DOH!! The sponsor for this week is "A Page in Time." Join in on the fun. http://scrappingthemusic.blogspot.com

In June I think we're going to go to Holland!!! There's a scrap expo that I want to go to...http://www.scrap-a-ganza.com/. Just look at who's going to be there. And there's a 24 hour cropping hall! Eeeee! I checked prices through an airline called Ryan Air? I'm not familiar with them but flights were RIDICULOUSLY cheap...like it was cheaper to fly than, oh drive? Or even take a train a few cities down. Maybe I was reading it wrong, which could be very likely.

I finally got my first goody box from ScrapBookMate. WOW. I can't wait for my LO's to go live on the site so I can post them here too. If you haven't checked out the site, you should. There's a few big namers (well at least in my eyes) on the team and their LO's are just gorgeous. I hope to meet these ladies in real life someday!

Ta ta for now.



Asa said...

Lovely LO's! So much to look at! You have such a cool style! :D

Michelle said...

I love that you used a coaster in your lo. You're so freaking cool! Love that lo. I doubt that you'd look bad in a bikini! Everyone has something they don't like about themselves. I can't wait to see your other los!

Amber Risher said...

Your new stuff is hella cute! I love the new lo's!

Marie said...

Dude that blessed layout is prettyful! Love it! I bet ur tummy is not as bad as you see it! Loved the lo for mojo!

Holly said...

You are ridiculously talented! I love how you used the little drink umbrellas on that LO. And, the Blessed LO is gorgeous.