Wednesday, January 9, 2008

OH NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >:O

After 5 years, my computer finally crapped out on me this morning. Well, I think it's dead, I'm not positive. I'm not a big computer geek, so it could be something simple. Basically I was cleaning up around the computer desk and I bumped into the power supply. That caused everything to shutoff really quickly, but everything except the CPU came back on within a second. I've checked and rechecked all the plugs. I've tried resetting it with no avail. :( I do know thing...thank goodness for my brother. He sent me an external hardrive for Christmas. I backed up all of my pictures. There are a few things on my comp that I still need though. :( I'm so iritated. I have Josh's laptop right now, but UGH. The touch pad annoys me. I periodically touch it while I'm typing, it highlights a portion of my work, and erases it!

My Father-in-law built us a new computer as a Christmas gift, and we're just waiting for it now. I hope it comes in soon especially now that I REALLY need it.

Yesterday I spoke to a patient liason from the hospital and she put alot of my worries at ease. She explained where we would be going, the whole set up, and told me what pharmacies are open on Sunday (which here in Germany, pretty much EVERYTHING is closed on Sundays). I'm still a bit nervous, but not nearly as bad as yesterday.

Hopefully I'll have some work to post later. I'm a really slow scrapper. LOL.


Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

UGh I hate computer issues. My desktop had some issues a few months ago. The computer would shut off for no reason. Turns out it was the router. Don't know if that is the same problem with yours.
My daughter loved your snow layout! So did I of course! I have to load some of my my scrapping mojo back yesterday! WOOHOO!!!
Hope everything goes well with your little man!

Boriquaz said...

At least you saved your pictures. My hard drive died completely if I want it recovered it's gonna cost me a good couple hundred bucks I don't have available. Whice means all baby pictures kaput! One day I'll take it in. And don't worry too much I'm sure everything will go smoothly.

Michelle said...

Such a love/hate relationship with computers. I'm glad you were able to backup all of your photos. Idon't know what could b wrong with it. If I can remember later, I'll ask Dan what he thinks could be the problem. He's pretty good with computer stuff.

I'm glad to hear your feeling more at ease about Sebastian's procedure. Thank god your "oh no" title has nothing to do with either of your children. Did you get your goodies in the mail yet for your dt?

Holly said...

Oi! I hear you on the computer problems. Although, my computer is working fine (knock on wood), we have been without internet ever since we got home. Finally, I'm back online! Best of luck on your little guy's surgery!

Kelly said...

oh gross computer issues!! Danny says it could be the crap I already forgot...but basically the start up motor unit...with the little fan if it's doing nothing at all. That went out on my old computer several years back...we replaced it and voila...the guys here still use that sucker daily!

Yeah I wanted to count each page as 1 page in that mini book..but alas I withheld! I'm almost finished with #30...but I just ordered the Cropodile 2..eeek!! Its on backorder set to arrive to me around feb 4th. Hopefully I can whip out 20 LO's before then so I won't feel TOO guilty! I'm sure it won't be a problem if I keep up my pace