Tuesday, November 20, 2007


It just dawned on me I didn't put up the last Scrap Mojo Challenge. Here it is! I cut up one of Anberlin's OLD shirts for the appliques. I'll admit though, I originally had that in mind when I bought the shirt b/c the birdies and flowers were so gosh darn cute.

The new challenge is up today, so I'll edit this post once Marie has the blog updated.


(that's "bye" in German. it sounds like, "cheers.")


Michelle said...

So cute! I thought you might have but the appliqués at Joann's or something.

Holly said...

Hahahaha! I've often thought about cutting up Hazel's clothes for use on pages. Love your LO! :0)

Marie said...

So cute!!! BTW congrats on lotd at amm!!!