Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving goodies

I really have a ton of other things to do, but typical Jessica...puts it off to work on crafts. LOL. I made these ADORABLE placecards and napkin rings for tomorrow and I thought I'd share them with ya'll before I start preparing things for Turkey Day.

Step 1: Cut strips of cardstock. My dimensions are 3.5"x10". This is going to depend on the size of your stamp of course.
Step 2: Stamp your image near the middle of your paper. I am using the limited edition stamp that I won from Inque Boutique. It's called “Chanteuse.” It's not for sale, but they do have the mirror image set, "Nightingale." Anyways, I then reoutlined the stamp using a Gelly Roll Glaze pen to give it that embossed look.

Step 3: Using a craft knife, carefully cut around the top half of your image.
Step 4: Fold your card in half.

Step 5: I trimmed my card once it was folded in half to measure 3 inches from the top fold to the bottom of the card (6 inches once opened).
Step 6: Cut and adhere a patterend piece of paper to the inside of your card. I made sure mine was 1/4" smaller than the card so there would be a nice 1/8" border. Don't glue it to your cut out image though!!
Step 7: Color in your image. I used Pebbles Inc. chalk and a watermark ink pad to make the chalk stick a bit better.

Step 8: You can see I stamped an additional image in the corner and went over that as well with my Glaze pen. Add your guests name to the placecard. I also inked the edges with Tim Holtz Ranger Inks and used more pink chalk. *Voila!*

Note: If your card won't stand in place (i.e. it keeps falling flat) take a strip of cardstock, about 1/2" wide, fold each end in, and glue it to the inside of the card to keep it standing properly.

To make the napkin ring:

Step 1: Cut a strip of PP. I believe mine is an inch or so.

Step 2: Form into a circle. Glue. I was in a hurry, so I stapled mine. :)

Step 3: Stamp your image on a seperate piece of cardstock.

Step 4: Cut out and adhere to your ring using a foam dot or something similar to help it stand out a bit.

That's it! If you make something similar, link it up in my comments! :D

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Amber Risher said...

Jessica, this is so over the top cute! I love how you showed how you did it! I am going to attempt this for Christmas! You are soooo creative!

Michelle said...

Those are absolutely beautiful! Who makes that stamp? It's so you! I'm sure everyone will appreciate them. And you can re-use them for Christmas!

**melissa lee** said...

Love these, girl!! That stamp is gorgeous!

Michelle said...

I see that inque makes it. I apparently missed that when I read this the first time. Thanks!

Holly said...

So cute! That bird stamp is beautiful!

Marie said...

Those are beautiful girlie!

Grace said...

aww I miss my so very talented and gifted friend!! Those are adorable!