Monday, November 12, 2007

Food Poisoning is NOT the way to end vacation

Our weekend was wonderful. It snowed. :) The castle was gorgeous. The hotel had a heated indoor pool.

But last night. Whooooooooa nelly. We got home in the afternoon and I made a quick spaghetti for dinner. I didn't eat much. After dinner I was working on some felt embellishments for MJ's swap when my stomach started cramping up REALLY bad. I had to lay down. A few hours later, I was hurling my brains out.

Spaghetti and garlic bread is not so great on the way up.

I was so exhausted and had a low grade fever that I didn't even want to leave the bathroom. Josh was nice enough to bring me a pillow and blanket. That was a huge feat for me, b/c I HATE bathrooms. *shudder* So you KNOW I had to have been super sick. So inbetween barf sessions, I was passed out on the floor. And of course, this was on Sunday night, and there was nothing open in our area so Josh couldn't go and get me some pepto.

Then just when I thought it couldn't get worse, it came out the other end. I know. TMI.

I spent today in bed. ALLLLL day. Thank goodness Josh had the day off. My body is sore. My skin feels like it's on fire. I am just a big mess.

So when I'm back to normal, I'll upload photos.



Michelle said...

I'm so sorry that you got sick. I know how horrible that is! I hope you recover quickly and I am glad that Josh has the day off too. Don't worry about the felt embellies until you're better. It can wait. ;) I'm anxiously awaiting your pictures when you are healthy!

Marie said...

Ewwwwww! Im so glad you are feeling better tho!

Lizee said...

oyyyy....i hope u feel better!!!

Holly said...

Double yuck! And, 24-hour Shopettes on post there? LOL. No, seriously...hope you're feeling better soon. Can't wait to see your pics! :0)

Happy Traveller said...

man oh man, at least didn't totally ruin your weekend. I hope you feel better soon.

**melissa lee** said...

Oy. Hope you all start feeling better. That is definitely NO fun.

Can't wait to see the pictures...glad you had a good weekend!