Monday, November 19, 2007

More More More of What I've Been Up To

This is what 160 pieces of fried lumpia looks like. LOL. Josh had a "Hail and Farewell" which is a function where the unit greets the newcomers and says goodbye to those who are leaving. they passed around a sign-up sheet and he signed me up for Lumpia. geeze. It was gone fairly quickly though. I was scared it wasn't going to be enough, but there was enough for seconds for most people. :)
An altered Paper Christmas Tree I made for the A Million Memories Tree Contest. The coloring is a bit off b/c of the lighting, but I wanted to show the cute shadows that were cast from the star punch outs.

Inspiration for this layout came from the above book. It was illustrated by my FAVE artist, Mary Blair.
The first time I heard this, it came from my sister-in-law, Sarah. You know at the end of the movie, "Lady & the Tramp" how all the girl puppies look like the mom and the boys like the dad? That's us. :D

Scrap goodies from my secret sister, April! Thanks!!!

The kids love to paint. Anberlin can sit for hours, but Sebastian not so much. LOL. He gets excited when he sees me getting the stuff down. He paints fervently for about 30 minutes, then tires of it. He doesn't like to sit still.
And just for giggles, an old video of Sebastian. No more vomit! We're all suffering from a bit of a cold, but that's nothing compared to the sickness that took over last week. Sebastian is like 7 months in this video. How can this not make you happy?


Holly said...

Ugh. Hail and farewells. That's the one nice thing about deployments...I don't have to cook for military functions for 15 months. I can't believe you made 160 pieces of lumpia!!! Kudos to you! And, I love, love, love all your new scrappy eye candy! Especially that tree! Too cute!

Michelle said...

That tree is so yummy! I bet if you sold those on etsy people would buy them. hint hint!

Those layouts are precious! You did an amazing job with taking that color scheme from that book. Is Mary Blair an animator as well? I think I've seen her work. And I totally agree you are a Lady & the Tramp family. I've told Dan so many times how Anberlin looks so much like you and Sebastian looks so much like Josh. Your kids are so adorable!

Boriquaz said...

You just totally made my tummy grumble in hunger lol. Ur stuff is too cute and that tree OMG how creative I love it!

**melissa lee** said...

Wow. 160 pieces...that's alot. lol!

LOVE that christmas tree!! So cute!

And I LOVE that mini album with the clear cover..very cool!

Anonymous said...

Everytime I see a picture of Sebastian smiling I think of that video! Time flies!


Mrs. Chez said...

aw that video made my Monday not so suckie. I love baby giggles, your LO is divine and so is the Tree!

Scrapping My 2 Precious Gems said...

Oh my Goodness! He is absolutely adorable! You have to love those baby laughter. I miss them so much. The tree turned out adorable!!