Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Sometimes I Crack Myself Up

MJ, these are coming your way, along with a box of goodies. :)

I laugh everytime I see these gingerbread men. LOL.

Thanksgiving in a few days! What's on everyone's menu?

On My Menu:

-Herb butter roasted turkey breast (forget the whole turkey, it just gets wasted).
-Homemade corn bread stuffing with fresh italian sausage.
-Fresh cranberry chutney.
-Deviled eggs.
-Sauteed fresh green beans with turkey bacon.
-Fresh baked crescents from the town bakery.
-Mashed potatoes courtesy of our friend.
-Homemade apple pie (I'm attempting my own crust too!).
-Pumpkin pie.

A pretty big meal, but not HUGE. I need to figure out some appetizers too I think. Ok. Got to attend to my neglected house.



Mils said...

You're a cheesehead. Cute Gingerbread amputees.

Michelle said...

Those gingerbread men are precious! I think I'll have to use it on the Shrek the Third lo I'll be doing. You crack me up too!

Your Thanksgiving sounds delicious. Are you hosting more than just the four of you?

**melissa lee** said...

OMG! LOVE those gingerbread men!!!

And your menu sounds DELISH!

Holly said...

Those gingerbread men are too freakin' cute! And, your meal sounds delicious! Are you having a bunch of people over? I know that we always seem to end up with a ton of single soldiers at our house. I always have to cook soooo... much food. I'm really missing it this year. :0( Oh, we have 5 months left on this deployment. But, it seems like it has gone on FOREVER already! On the brighter side, when my husband finishes flight school, they told him he has a good chance of going to Germany if he puts it on his wish list. I guess the type of helicopter he wants is in high demand for pilots at the German posts. Keeping my fingers crossed! All of your pictures REALLY make me want to go over there!

Anonymous said...

Cool, you're gonna do your own crust for the pie! I (we) always make our own crusts and you can totally taste the difference between homemade and store-bought. They're really not that difficult either, I think it's fun. Something like this


helps a lot too, if you ever come across one at a kitchen store, in my experience they are kind of hard to find, but work great. Have a great holiday! :)


elizabeth said...

these are sooooo cute!
and can i just say that your blog makes me wish i was at home scrapping instead of sitting at work :( i'm so inspired by your work.